Hastelloy X


UNS N06002 (US)
AMS 5754 (US)
HR6 (UK)


Base Element Ni(Nickel)

Element Min Max
Al(Aluminium) 0.5%
B(Boron) 0.008%
C(Carbon) 0.05 0.15%
Co(Cobalt) 0.5 2.5%
Cr(Chromium) 20.5 23%
Cu(Copper) 0.5%
Fe(Iron) 17 20%
Mn(Manganese) 1%
Mo(Molybdenum) 8 10%
P(Phosphorus) 0.04%
S (Sulphur) 0.03%
Si(Silicon) 1%
Ti(Titanium) 0.15%
W(Tungsten) 0.2 1%
Mechanical Property Min Max
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) 743 MPa
0.2% Proof Stress 339 MPa
Elongation 51%
Hardness (Rockwell B) 89 HRB


Gas Turbines engines, spray bars, flame holders, tailpipes, cabin heaters.
Used in the chemical industry for retorts, mufflers, catalyst support grids,furnace bafflers.


Oxidation Resistant
High Temperature Strength
High Fabricability

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